• Receive SMS foR FREE

    On this website we show you how you can receive SMS messages for free without using your own mobile phone number. Nowadays most apps, websites and social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram force you to provide your private phone number to verify that it is you who want to register a new account/profile.

  • How to receive a SMS online for phone verifications



    Go to one of the phone number providers in the list below and choose a free phone number



    Enter the chosen phone number in your app or on the website where you want do a phone verification.



    Wait some minutes for the verification code that will be displayed on the page where you got your free phone number.

  • Free Phone Number Providers

    These websites will provide you free disposable phone numbers for different purposes like sms verifications and receiving text messages anonymously. All of them offer these phone numbers for free and it is not necessary to register an account or provide any of your personal data. That's why these websites are perfect if you do not want to give away your personal phone number on the internet. You can easily take one of their phone numbers and see all SMS messages. You need a temporary phone number from a specific country? No problem! Most of these sms websites offer numbers from all over the world. You can choose between free US phone numbers, disposable canadian numbers, free german numbers etc.



    ReceiveSMS.co offers the most free phone numbers of all providers and nearly all of the numbers working while we tested all providers. You can choose between more than 20+ different countries liek USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Candada, Austria, Poland, France and many more...



    This provider has not that much phone numbers like ReceiveSMS.co but they provide temporary phone numbers from 4 different countries like USA,UK,Portugal and Canada.



    On this web service we tested all of their 7 SMS numbers. They worked great...



    Another Free Receive SMS website with fake phone numbers for receiving anonymous SMS. Not all numbers worked for us but you can choose between 4 countries: Sweden, UK, US and Canada.



    The number of provided phone numbers is between 1 and 3... depends on the day you visit this website. But we tested on different days and every time the numbers where reachable.


    One of the newer websites that provide anonymous phone numbers for phone verifications.

  • More Websites ?

    Do you know more websites that offer disposable phone numbers? Please use our contact form to let us know which websites we forgot to mention. We try to update this list regularly. With your help that will be much easier :)

  • Phone & E-Mail Verification

    There are plenty of websites that require phone verification before you can start using your account. Such verifications are normal and the most common verification process is the E-Mail verification. Not everyone accepts to enter his/her private E-Mail because the chance of spam is too high. Therefore we recommend to use temporary email addresses also known as fake emails, disposable email or fake mail generators.


    Such fake mail providers do not store any private information from you and you do not have to register. juster visit their website and start using your instantly generated email address for free. We often use these emails to protect us from spam emails from untrustful web services or apps.

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